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Thumbs up Activism - a positive impression

Yesterday evening I had a nice encounter with an activist.

She came to the door, and was looking for increasing awareness of an environmental issue (known as fracking, by the way). She was very polite, informative, and didn't talk down to me at all.

When I told her that I don't tend to give my support (financial, letter-writing or otherwise) to door-to-door organizations without researching them first, she said that she quite understood and that that was very sensible, and gave me all the contact information that I needed in order to do something once I had done my research and wished me a good night.

I felt like she treated me with respect, whether or not I agreed with her or her cause. In turn I find that I can respect her and her cause a lot better, and have made the effort to go and do more research, both on the cause and on the organization she was representing. Now I am far better prepared and have been given the space to make up my own mind about an issue, without feeling pressured into it. She was obviously very dedicated (it was a horrible night out), but kept a very friendly demeanor about her.

To me, this is THE best way to get a message out. I wish more activists were like this, because it makes me listen to the cause and bother to look into it, rather than be turned off by the manner in which it is presented.

"Listen, or your tongue will make you deaf." - Native American Proverb
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