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Just to give a brief update, this weekend it was my birthday. Had some friends over, including B and a few of her family that know about the situation. We all had a wonderful time, and it was a great bonding experience, in seeing how important she's become as a "sister". At one point a few of the adults were sitting with the kids, telling a story, that went around the room. It was such fun to watch and listen in, and L and B were sitting on the floor near each other, and I could see the energy between them as they all laughtd and had fun. I could feel my heart opening, and loving, seeing 2 people that I care so much about, caring so much about each other.

Last night she was having some unrest in her house, adult children with drama, and she couldn't hide from the noise. We were on our way home from visiting, and convinced her to come hide at our house for a bit. We hung out and watched a movie, then had a brief, but wonderful talk. Tomorrow she's coming over and we'll have take out Chinese, and talk.

I am feeling much less emotional, now that some conversations have been had, and the snow is done (I hope!), I feel less like a "shut in", and more happy about all of this wonderful adventure. This is a beautiful opportunity for us all to help each other, and grow as individuals and as a "team". <3
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