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Thank you I'm trying hard to not let it get to me but I can only handle so much if she continues this negative thinking and jealousy and this so called getting used to this thing still attitude then idk because it feels like she will never get used to this, it's a do or don't not try I feel because we have already been in this relationship for two months going on three and I just can't fathom how she till not comfortable she practically lives in my house now they both do. Sometimes I feel like I'm just a convinience becaus I have my own apartment cus once I want to leave they are begging me to stay but if she claims she has feelings for me romantically then she should initiate at least once because I have tried and have been turned down she's. very indecisive person. I need people with stability in my life because I'm wishy washy I'm sorry I'm very into zodiac and I'm a Pisces and we are very wishy washy. And it seems like in all this I'm very firm in what I want and very aware of what I got into and how it should be going and feel like for the first time it's me whose stable on my decision until she brings the negative which makes me away in that negative cesspool. Thank you for yor support everyone It means alot to me
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