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Default Getting Better

Thursday IV was home all day so we spent some light, friendly time together. We didn't talk about her family all day; just enjoyed each others company (I was working which probably helped keep it light). That evening we ran a couple of errands and got some dinner. Her mother is doing a lot better and is moving in with a family member which will be a good spot for her. This causes IV to worry about her mom less, which increases the odds of IV being able to recover.

Later that night she told me how nice it was to spend some time with me again, to feel like we could be "normal".

Sunday I got back from a weekend game (we do monthly table top role-playing benders) and was exhausted. As I was napping she came in and joined me. So, we were super lazy, ate, talked, napped, cuddled... it was exactly what I wanted.

She still hasn't spent the night and there has still been no sexy time between us, but I consider this to be HUGE progress. I'm just glad to see any movement back toward our romantic relationship. I miss her dearly and am excited to see a glimpse of her.
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