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Default Derailed!

Okay, the title is too alarming.

It's just that Vix is packing for a two-week trip to visit and travel with Doc in Europe, and I had resolved to become a quiet and careful observer of my own reaction.

I've already noted the first stirrings of panic and disorientation, which turn out not to be as fearsome as I might have supposed. I think I know where they come from, mostly, and may have an idea how to at least manage them.

Unfortunately, even as I have been setting up my observation post, I've been taken down by some sort of intestine strife - no, wait, that's what they used to call a civil war.

I've been taken down by some sort of intestinal distress, accompanied by a weird sort of pseudo-fever - I'm experiencing a fever-chill cycle that doesn't seem to register on a thermometer! - so mostly I just want to be a quiet and careful observer of the insides of my own eyelids.

The most fearful question before me, now, is whether I should risk drinking a cup of tea.

Probably not.
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