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okay that sounds is it being in that sort of relationship? based on my feelings that seems to be my goal currently

when I first embarked in this lifestyle the man Im involved with had a girlfriend (everyone was in the know) ...her and I decided to not be involved...then we progressed to an all involved but not living together arrangement ...then we progressed to an all involved spending 24 hrs a day together but keeping our own quarters ..then he and I moved in and eventually she moved we are all living together except sexual interactions between the women have ceased..I am still attracted to women and would partake but she has since learned about herself that she is only attracted to women pretty art pieces but have no desire to touch....we use to claim each other as GF's but over the past yr or so we simmered down the titles to friend/room mate....we're going on 4 yrs in this relationship....I am over first I didnt want to share at i dont mind sharing the man I just dont want to share my personal space like to have my house and she has her own house and when he visits her It will be like hes on a business trip lol

its funny it seems what you have is what I had but because I didnt want to miss time with him I progressed into more but now Im willing to lose extra time so I can have my universe seperate fom her universe

lol excuse me, I just unloaded on you
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