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So Primal and Peaseblossum broke up on Friday. She wants a monogamous primary who can dedicate their life to her which Primal isn't able to give her. According to Primal it was mutual. He did admit he got pissy with her when she tried to lay blame on me for their problems because, as he said, their problems had nothing to do with me (she's been going through issues with not having money because she supports her mom, who is able to support herself and just refuses to, and was constantly picking fights because of not having any money).

Lamian, Primal, and Darkeyes are at a point where things need to be figured out. While Lamian wants to be able to have both boys as co-primaries they have both realized that doesn't work for them. So I know Primal wants to talk with Darkeyes to try and figure out a way the two of them can approach Lamian to discuss this without her having a breakdown.

Woodsmith and I are doing well. There's still some distance but now it's more of the normal distance from having an introverted, highly ADHD person who gets fixated on projects. I'm still not the most sexually driven for him (still dealing with the fact he doesn't put forth any effort in that aspect, just go to bed, strip, enter, pump for a bit and then cum) but various other intimacies are present and active plus we're starting to get a little more into the BDSM aspects.

This past week Lamian and Primal were up at Lamian's mother's for his vacation (and a trying to figure where they are after the week before insanse blow-up). So Saturday was the first day he was home. Primal, Woodsmith, and I went out to a bar and when we got home I spent the rest of the night/morning till 2 pm with him, talking, sex, hanging out. Conversation we had actually had me in tears of the very happy kind. That night he apparently figured out how to say what I meant to him and hearing that just made me in happy break down mode.

Still having really fun flirts with Star. Last Thursday when I was heading back home from the show she gave me a kiss and told me to text her when I was home so she knew I made it back safe. And lots of FB/text flirts and chatting since.

So that's the most recent update.
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