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The time I spent with Minnie, up until the point when Ann met Jeff, consisted mostly of both our families spending time together and I would spend the occasional evening at her place after the kids had gone to bed. I did my best to visit Minnie sparingly as to make sure everyone was happy. And everyone was. However, I was excited at the idea of Ann having a boyfriend as this would give me a clear pass at seeing Minnie even more. It was also nice to hear that Minnie liked the idea of this as well.


Minnie has another boyfriend. His name is Shawn. Teresa and I met Shawn on one occasion at Minnie’s place months before that ended with the four of us in bed. Everyone had a pleasant time and we all left with smiles, but I think everyone knew the evening would be unlikely to be repeated. Soon after, Minnie started seeing Shawn a little less and me a little more. I was flattered to be what I though was her new “favorite” boyfriend. Minnie had been seeing Shawn for over a year and was clear that her relationship with him had basically plateaued with little chance of ever being more than just a casual boyfriend. Still, she didn’t want to lose him so she never told him about her developing relationship with me. She felt bad for doing this to him but I didn’t think less of her for handling things this way. I just wished there could be a different way that everyone could know and accept the reality. Besides, I was just supposed to be having sex with Minnie and keeping my emotions and our relationship in check. This was easy, especially when Minnie and I were on the same page.


So Ann & Jeff have their first date; dinner & hotel. I had my own plans that night, out with the guys. Ann called me around 1:30 am soon after Jeff had left. She was staying the rest of the night in the hotel since I wasn’t returning home either. But I was so lonely and missed her so much. She was so happy on the phone. I wanted to bask in her happiness but I was so far away. It’s crazy how lonely and sad you can be even when you’re surrounded by friends. She’ll never really know how much I wanted to be with her that night. Ann & I tell each other everything and she shared some of the amazing details of her evening. Sure she said the sex was great but then she said something that really confused me. She told me that it felt like she was cheating on me. That really gave me something to think about. How can she be cheating on me when I knew what she was doing? But I had no idea what she was doing, and in the next weeks, as the truth and depth of her relationship with Jeff started to come to light, I just wasn’t ready.
Me: Late 30's male. Ann: My wife. Minnie: My girlfriend and Ann's best friend. Jeff: Ann's boyfriend. Shawn: Minnie's other boyfriend. Christie: Jeff's wife.
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