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Originally Posted by dryad View Post
Wow, so many comments to read through. Thank you. I will post again properly later when I get some time to myself. To update you all though, over the weekend my husband and I have talked a lot and agreed to take things one ay at a time. He doesn't want me to stop seeing Liam, and has said he's comfortable with me seeing him as slightly more than friends (close friends who are intimate, no sex, just kissing and lots of cuddling, affection). I am going to be very careful and not jump into anything, I want to take time to reassure my husband and give him time to get used to the fact (again) that I am poly. I want him to know that this isn't about Liam, it is about my orientation as a pansexual poly woman.
I'm really interested in seeing how your husband adjusts. My wife knows I'm in love with another woman, and is ok with it as an online relationship (including camming and sexual acts), but not letting the touching happen in real life.

If there's a way to make our spouses comfortable, I really want to find it!
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