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We tried yet again to go at this and im still seeing the same results, she says she wants this and thats why im overwhelmed because i made a decision to leave this relationship this weekend and they both begged me not to leave, i think its more she doesnt want me to leave because hell leave, and he doesnt tell me he'll leave me if she leaves he says he'll leave if i leave because she was always making him choose between us or always wanting to leave this relationship. She says we have her full commitment but then she doesnt want to interact sexually. And for the record she does have relations with him but when im involved there is always an excuse it just happened last night yet again and during this weekend after having them both tell me they want me there me and our boyfriend thought it would be nice if we all got romantic and she thought we were leaving her out and she got uncomfortable. i dont know how she felt left out when we all were agreeing we were going to be intimate, she initially took her time to get in the groove and then just decided she was uncomfortable, our boyfriend doesnt want a vee, its more complicated and she will definitely badger him about being intimate with me alone if it turns into a vee, she already has an issue with him being intimate with me and she can continue to say shes getting over it but i know its not going to change. and in result im becoming distant and it upsets our boyfriend because i dont want to get close to him because god forbid she has a problem with it. im at my wits end i cant continue this vicious circle twice this weekend i was denied intimacy with them both, and it was her fault yet again. we include her if anything hes always trying to give her extra attention so she can feel more comfortable and its now becoming a nuisance for me, and he wants me to be patient but i have been, shes constantly saying how her solution was celibacy but that isnt something i want, if thats what she thinks is best then maybe i t should just step out of the relationship. but no they continue to beg me to talk it over and stay and honestly im just tired of trying to satisfy her, because i need to satisfy myself as well. whats a girl to do
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