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I was diagnosed back in the day when they were first hammering out the details of it and recognizing it as a diagnosis.

I tried several different medications and I found the overwhelming majority of them to be effective however they had extremely undesirable side effects. The classic Ritalin was the lest egregious in this category however my body adjusted to it so quickly that when I stopped taking it, I was up to nine pills in a day just to get the desired effect.

After a crapton of research and several years of refining the process, I do believe I've come up with a medication solution that works quite well. It does for me, at least. Citicoline. It's over the counter, relatively inexpensive, no side effects (that I've noticed), and works well without clobbering your ability to multitask. I feel much more...normal, I guess would be the best term. I dont feel zombie-like the way I did with the prescription meds. I just feel better able to concentrate.

Several doctors have told me in no uncertain terms that this is incredibly stupid yet have not told me why beyond "you're not a doctor." No one has yet given me a specific medical reason why I should discontinue the treatment, especially when it works so fucking brilliantly.
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