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Originally Posted by crisplove View Post
Yesterday, they went to a party together. A party which I probably would have been at had I not been so busy. My friends were there and they were there as a couple.
These are questions that can only be answered by talking to them.

When I'm out with my husband and girlfriend, it's a challenge to share myself equally. Since I'm in a little bit different situation (my husband is only home 4-6 days a month), I tend to give him the lion's share of my attention. My girlfriend understands my situation and is accepting of that, which doesn't mean it doesn't hurt her feelings sometimes, just that she deals with it.

Originally Posted by crisplove View Post
Loving Radiance, my first question would be, how do I introduce him in my world?
"Hello, World. I'd like you to meet my boyfriend, Rick. Rick, meet my friend, World."

I want to introduce him as we are seeing each other. I want to be able to hang out with him. I want him to know my friends and I want them to know him.
Is there something preventing that? Has he asked you to keep your relationship a secret? If so, is that something you're willing to live with? If not, do you have any room to negotiate a different arrangement?

How do I introduce him in a way that honors our relationship and honors his existing relationship?
"Hello, World. I'd like you to meet my boyfriend Rick and his girlfriend Cindy. Rick, Cindy, meet my friend, World."

I personally don't use the labels "primary" and "secondary" so I, myself, wouldn't introduce her as his primary. If they feel the need to make that hierarchy clear to your friends, let them worry about how to do that.
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