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Originally Posted by Icewraithonyx View Post
My question is, does the same standard apply when one member of an established couple falls in love, decides to be polyamorous with new partner, thereby mandating a conversion from monogamous relationship to a polyamorous framework (or no relationship at all)?
Well, everyone always has the right to leave a relationship that can no longer meet their needs. That those needs have changed such that meeting them requires a shift in the relationship framework does not make the needs are any less valid.

But there are respectful ways to go about that, and disrespectful ways. "Get ok with it or I'm walking" is not respectful, and therefore inappropriate. But "I'm sorry that my needs have changed and that it requires some huge changes in our relationship in order for it to meet my new needs" is.

Within that "mandate," you can choose to be supportive and accommodating of your partner's own needs, or you can choose to tell them to suck it up cupcake. Again, appropriate and inappropriate.
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