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Originally Posted by purpledreamer View Post
But I think it has come to this.
I can't be with him, if he is in a relationship where one partner is feeling hurt everytime he sees me.
I feel I have some kind of moral responsbility also to not do this.
Hi Dreamer,

Well, I personally do like and agree with where you seem to have settled on this. It's always a challenge when we sit back and connect to the concept that we're trying to live in a way where we bring the greatest good to those we interact with and minimize any harm. Sometimes it seems we end up in a position of having to sacrifice our own wants and dreams for that to happen. That moral responsibility you speak of. It's often only much later - months, years etc - that the pieces fall into place and we TRULY grasp what the real lesson & need was at a given point in time. But that's no consolation at the time But for me, I've discovered, like so many other things, it does get easier with practice. We seem to be faced with that dilemma more & more as we broaden out.

Best wishes.

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