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Default Mono submissive, new to poly

Hmmm, where to begin?

I've spent the past week reading through posts on the site, specifically Mono's success in poly thread.

I find myself in a poly relationship.

I'm very mono. I had no idea how mono I was until I started down this road.

About a month ago I started a relationship with a man who is poly. I met his primary. We've hung out together as a "family". She says she's okay with all of this, but I have these bouts of jealousy (??).

I like her a lot. We can be great friends. I don't begrudge her relationship with him. It's just that I want him. I want to wake up next to him. I want to be with him when I know I can't. We are in the same circle of friends. To their circle, they are a couple and he is not out as poly.

Yesterday, they went to a party together. A party which I probably would have been at had I not been so busy. My friends were there and they were there as a couple.

Had I been there, how would that have worked? Would he have hung out with her the whole time and left me hanging? Would I have been a third wheel?

We were out one night (all 3 of us) and met one of her friends and it was cool. I was fine with the whole thing.

But my circle is a different story. I don't want to be known as the "other woman" in my own circle of friends. Sigh:-(

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