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Default Meeting Doc

Vix and I went with the girls to an event in another state. Doc was back from Europe for a short time, for family reasons, and managed to come to that same event last night.

What strikes me most about it was how little about it was striking. In other words, it seemed like no big deal.

By the nature of the event, and the brevity of his visit to it, he and I didn't have much opportunity to interact directly. I did make a point to wave him over to where we were, at one point, and we did talk a little, though not about deep and private matters.

In fact, in honor of the event, I composed a joke . . . though it works better verbally than in print:

One introvert met another, and . . . .
. . . .

. . . .

Really, though, the brief meeting confirmed for me that Doc is basically a good guy, and that he and Vix each get a lot out of being together. Vix reports Doc also has a good impression of me, though I may find out more about that, by and by.

There were a two other odd things about the situation.

First, of the three of us - Doc, Vix, and I - Doc is by far the best known in that particular context. Most who know Vix know that she's married to me. Only a few who know Vix know that she also travels with Doc from time to time.

Only a small handful know the whole story, though I only learned of that when we were on our way home today.

I don't draw any conclusion from this. It was just something I found notable.

Second, Doc flew back to Europe today. Vix flies out tomorrow night to join him there. That's it - the timing is odd. It does reveal something of Doc's motivations, though, as Vix pointed out to me. Doc may have more of himself invested in his relationship with Vix than he generally lets on, even to Vix, as revealed by his willingness to go out of his way to see her when she'll be seeing him in Europe in a few days.

This will probably be the basis of further posts, as I observe and think upon my own reaction to things, but I'm dreading Vix's absence somewhat less this time around.

I'm going to miss her while she's gone, though.

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