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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
I don't tell him he has to be home each day to spend time with the kids after work.
HE tells himself that-because that is the dynamic of HIS relationship with the kids.
That's actually what I liked about the definition I quoted: the fact that it emphasised that making decisions for yourself is fine, it's when others make the decisions for you that it's bad. At least that's how I interpreted it.

I realise now that the whole thing is confusing, because it's basically saying "let's only call it hierarchical when it does these wrong things" which on principle I don't really have a problem with (I see "hierarchical" as a negative term anyways), but I can see how if someone wants to use hierarchical in a positive way, having it associated with negative behaviours would be a problem.

Although in the end, it's always best to explain exactly what you mean. Afterwards, once you've set it up and explained what you mean by a word, sure, you can use it later instead of using the whole phrase every time, but you do have to identify it the first time.
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