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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post

I was TA'ing a lab the other day, and 3 students asked me if they had to do a sample calculation for taking the natural log of a number. I told each of them, "Yes, and in the time it took you to ask, you could have just done it."
I am LMAO! I am taking math 107 this semester and the week prior to spring break we were doing log & ln.
I read this part of your post and started giggling-because just as I finished the first sentence I was thinking "jesus-you could have been done in less time then it took to ask if you had to do it!"

You are so awesome with concrete-completely off topic examples and I love that!
When I say off-topic-it's a compliment.

I find it very helpful for example, to use electrical work examples or construction work examples when trying to explain relationship issues I'm having-if I'm talking to Maca. Because he's an electrician.

I LOVE how you come up with these "not poly" examples for why there are some things that work best in certain ways. Its refreshing.

(and yes-it's always preferable to limit defining talks to 'free time' intellectual discussions. I prefer to stick to describing my life style preferences in terms of actual actions when discussing a relationship need/change etc with someone I'm having a relationship with)
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