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You left out the point where I said I agree with you that he (the husband) married a Poly woman and will have to deal with that, what I wrote was specifically about Liam and the fact that she will not be able to have both Liam and her marriage. Yes Liam is a symbol right now, wrong timing I suppose, however the husband has spoken out now and if she wants to remain married, Liam can't be around right now.

And yes, people can risk their marriage for their principles, but, I got the feelings that Dryad was trying to find a way to reassure her husband, my point was that she would have to put Liam (who does not actually WANT a relationship with her remember?) aside to do it, it is not just that she has feelings for him but he is a distraction also.

I may sound harsh, but it sounds like a teenage crush gone mad, we don't get everything and everyone we want, Dryad needs to start acting like an adult and stop weeping over a man she can't actually have whilst simultaneously losing one she does have.
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