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Another very pleasurable day with Evan over, now waiting for rory to get here. Later today me and rory are going to a poly meetup and Evan will join us there. Ah, I just love this. I love that my life is busy, that things are happening, that I get lots of loving and sex and conversations and support and excitement. I love that my partners like each other so much. I love the feeling of freedom, that there's nothing to hold me back, I can do anything I want. I just love love love my life!

I've said this before but I really like it when people don't conform to their gender roles, meaning that I'm usually not attracted to macho/manly men or girly girls. There has to be something unexpected, something that makes me think that person is expressing themselves in a non-traditional way. Sometimes it can be about looks, sometimes behaviour, or both. But it just has to be there to some extent for me to be really interested. This applies to both sexual and romantic interest. More emphasis on the romantic side though, because I only want to be in a relationship with that kind of people, whereas I can have sex with people who are not like that. But even in sex, it is a big plus. This came to mind yesterday when I was having sex with Evan, looked at his hand, saw the bright glittery nailpolish he was wearing, and thought to myself "That's so awesome and hot". Also when rory puts on a strap-on, I really like to just look at her with that for a while, because I think the combination of a female body with an added cock looks incredibly hot. Okay, the TMI part of the post ends now.
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