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Originally Posted by dryad View Post
I really need to somehow express my feelings and love for him. ...But I can't change how I feel. I can't become someone I'm not. I am in love with 2 people and there's nothing I can do about it!

....I need to somehow be with him, on some level.
Originally Posted by dryad View Post
I don't know if I can not see Liam - I value his friendship and it's what's been keeping me going! I'm willing to keep our relationship platonic, but I don't think I couldn't have him in my life.
I'm so confused, I don't know what to do!
I personally think that the first thing to do is change your thinking. You are not helpless. You want many things listed above, but by telling yourself repeatedly that you need such and such that you can't not have what you are causing some of your own difficulty.

Actually, you can have a strong impact on your feelings by either feeding them, and indulging them, or by choosing to constantly re-focus elsewhere rather than dwell on them.

If your 'poly' experience so far has been seeing a married man--and you yourself were not seeing anyone else--and that man's marriage broke up so he could be with the other woman he was seeing--I can see why he's afraid of now being the one left.
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