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Hoshi is only one of my handles

Hoshi Akuma is a mix of two things: Hoshi is the name of a family in a game called Legend of the Five Rings. They are tattoed monks that forsake their families to enlighten themselves at a wandering mountain. Akuma is from Street Fighter and ill get into that in the next screen name. I use this Moniker in Amtgard as well. PM me if u would like to know what Amtgard is.

Akumakoko is another: Akuma again is from Street Fighter and I've always liked playing him. But when i was creating a screen name for the first time my Best friend said "U can't just pick a characters name. Add something to it like koko" I said " Ok like C-O-C-O-A" He said "no like K-O-K-O so it's original." And thus stuck.
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