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I'm cool with creation of new threads ... Post a link here to a new thread, and I'll follow the link. Hopefully some more of the other members will chime in. Free will seems fine as a topic.

Re: religion ... I know mine was detrimental to at least one person; namely, myself. It involved a lot of training and conditioning to sacrifice all I had, including my personality, as it's (supposedly) inherently sinful, on the altar of the church. Of course I couldn't literally sacrifice all, therefore I ended up giving and giving and yet feeling guiltier and guiltier, largely because my faith was decreasing over the years, making me guilty of an increasingly sinful state of mind. A church that does this to anyone has something to answer for, and I believe the LDS church (for one) does this to quite a few people.

Anyway, I won't carry on further right here; I'll wait to hear some of the other members' opinions.
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