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I hadn't realized that you could get one of the vaccines up to age 45 now. I'm going to call my doctor first thing on Monday and make an appointment. Last time I looked into it, I had missed the 9-26 window. This is good news!
Turns out, it hasn't been shown effective to prevent cervical cancer in the 26-45 group, but it has shown results against genital warps. That's fine by me - pap smears are really effective at catching cervical cancer, it's mostly warts I'm more worried about. If a woman goes for her regular pap smears as recommended, there's a virtually 0% chance that she'll actually develop cervical cancer. It takes a years to get from "abnormal pap smear" to "pre-cancerous lesions" to "actual cancer." There's a large treatment window, as long as you stay on top of your paps.
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