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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post

As cliché as it sounds, it really is what's on the inside that counts. Looks will fade over time, but a sexy bitch will still be a bitch when she's 40.

Basically I agree with everything that you said. But I think a good hard look at our society will give some clues. In America, the first thing a woman will be judged on is how she looks, her perceived "sex appeal" and her ability to attract men. Read the covers at the magazines at every newstand--"Lose weight, flatten your belly, dress to attract, learn new sex tricks, etc..." All with images of models photoshopped to the point no living human could ever meet the standard we're told we must aspire to. But hey, folks, no pressure.

A cult of personality around everyone who can get onto America's Greatest Loser, The Bachelorette, and then Teenage Moms, so if you can land that man you can start popping out babies while still in high school. Girls under ten who diet, and have eating disorders, routine bullying of teens who don't fit into the stereotype of what is acceptable until they kill themselves to escape the message that it *doesn't* matter how great they are inside, they are different and therefore deserve to be tormented until they break.

Yes, some women hold power based on brains and talent (um, Janet Reno, Hilary Clinton) but that doesn't mean you won't find them being mocked for still not being "pretty enough" to suit.

Many of these women posting here with these stories seem to be in their early-mid twenties. A prime age to have been raised entirely within the worst time frame in America for having low self-esteem. The economy has tanked, and jobs to support themselves, college aid to educate themselves, and tools for independence have become harder and harder to grasp. It doesn't generally seem to be coming from older women, although obviously there are exceptions.

Perhaps I am totally wrong, I'm no expert. But I've lived a long time, and for these women who are my daughter's age, life seems harder than it was for me way back then. I don't envy them, and I'm not sure how much better I would cope were I to have to change places with them.
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