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Default Take a breath for good stuff

Thanks for the tips! I really appreciate it.

It's funny that I am only just now getting to posting all this self doubt because things are so good right now. When I turned 30 something flipped inside me that I need to go see everything immediately. So I'm trying to get out hiking and camping as much as possible. I also want to make a point of scheduling visits with Jasper a least once a month where as we had been sort of just waiting until something comes up or long holiday weekends. I'm trying to keep a calendar for all of us for the first time to make planning easier and we've just booked April and May visits. In May we'll be taking a trip all together which we haven't been able to do since last summer. Last weekend Herman and I were out adventuring and when he noticed we had cell reception he would ask if I wanted to check in with Jasper. Then when we got home, Jasper and I watched one of our stupid tv shows together and he had been having a good weekend and wasn't down about me being out of reach since I managed to let him know properly for once. This week Jasper helped Herman out with some computer stuff. Now I'm having breakfast in bed with a small dog who looks like a living teddy bear. Just regular stuff but it feels great.
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