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Re: Believing god exists.
I'm a live and let live kinda guy. If it doesn't effect anyone detrimentally I'd say there's not even an argument but it is detrimental isn't it? Especially for those who influence others (especially young children) into believing the same. If it isn't logical, it isn't rational, it isn't reasonable and isn't ethical. You can't have ethics without logic so any belief system that relies on religious faith isn't ethical.
There are some circumstances where I think it may be for the best to leave people to believe these things. Ineffectual people who are close to death generally. Those with one foot in the grave. My nan is Christian but it seems hardly worth getting into a serious debate with a 98 year old. I think she's got over her piety these days anyway.

Re Tech
True; it won't 'evolve' perfectly but unlike biological evolution, it will be designed. It's major limitation will be in it's designers.
Re: Well adjusted human beings
Some are better equiped than others in putting up with the current state. They tend to be not so well equipped in other areas. I often wonder why Ethiopians (for instance) don't just top themselves. How did people go from day to day in the dark ages? I suppose they didn't live all that long anyway and they we're all high on chemicals induced by untreated wounds, infections, malnourishment etc... they must have all been stark raving mad.

Now, as much as I appreciate conversing with you Kevin, I think you'll agree it would be good to hear opinions other than our own. Shall we start a new thread or two. Perhaps on free will (as it may not hit the same wall as religious debate tends to).
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