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The movie was good but I'm just not feeling it from her.. I did something and I don't know what.. I keep my hands about me, Censure what I want to say, and try to act accordingly but her texting has dropped off she works an insanely difficult work schedule.

On another note, I have a question for all of you in digital land.

Can you really devote yourself to poly if you're a flake?
Cause I am, and I'm not sure if this is my snatch telling me its free to hunt tail or my heart telling me to search for more love.
It's just me, my ramblings and the elevator music in my head.

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Me: bi, reformed wild-child turned mom and house maid LOL
Crux: straight/hypersexual, possibly mono?
BC: our son, 5 years
CM: second son 9 months.
Mouse: girlfriend! Status new, feelings not so much.
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