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What he doesn't understand is how I can be in love with too people, and the fact that I love Liam doesn't mean I love hubby any less. I think that it's jealousy, and almost like I'm destroying the sacred bond of our marriage? He says he feels lost and confused and sad that he doesn't make me happy. But he DOES make me happy - I can't seem to get through to him that I can be in love with 2 people. I don't know why after all this time, he doesn't seem to understand. He seemed to understand it when we got married. But now, he's not OK with it. Maybe because he's got used to having me to himself?
I told him I'm not happy, because for a while I haven't been happy. But I think that's my issue (alcohol issues, illness etc) but he takes that to mean that I'm not happy with HIM.
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