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Princess Mononoke comes to mind as much as Fern Gully.

I loved it, there were some parts I forgive for now because I am stiil enraptured and they were that the Na'vi were geared towards a blend of what "we" would consider a fine balance between a beautiful human and an acceptable alien. It makes me a little vomitus that "we" think skinny Aliens that are as tall as super models and as skinny are acceptable.

As Mono said I was disappointed that they were as mono as they portrayed. To me they would be just as connected to each other as they were with the entire planet that they lived on. Mating for life? come on, really, I didn't buy it. I guess the general public couldn't accept it any other way... *sigh* I guess it's another disappointment for me.

It had a lot of good messages told in the same old "heros journey" kind of way that hollywood prefers to tell things, but the 3D was enough to keep me riveted as was the creativity of the planet they were on. I couldn't keep my eyes off of it for the whole time...

I had a yearning for things to be right some how by the end that hasn't gone away. It made me frustrated and sad.

It was well worth seeing!
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