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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
I thought about what I wrote just now and felt kind of reproachful towards myself. I've seen people -- not close friends, but friends -- lose all perspective with nre before and get burned. I need to remember that, no matter how good this feels, I can't make too many assumptions. I'm not going to try to pull things back, but I have to be careful not to set myself up for too big of a fall if things don't pan out somehow. Right now, the idea of being without him makes life seem awfully lonely.
Hey there

I was thinking about the same topic while reading your entries (here and on your tumblr) but I want to add something else: Yes, you are right to stay wary and not fall too deep right now, but honestly, this seems to be what you needed so much and now that you found it, I can understand that you are loosing yourself a bit. Even if this is bound to end some time soon, no one will be able steel those moments ever again. But of course, I hope that you two are going to last some time, it's lovely to read about you You seem to match so well.

Wishing you luck, love and more adventurous lovemaking to come into your life
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