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I don't see any problem with trying to persuade your wife to change her mind about the real-life sex thing. However, if she remains unpersuaded and still says no, you probably either have to abide by what she says, or start thinking about a divorce.
Indeed. There will be no cheating, and if there were, a divorce would be around the corner. I have no interest in that.

As far as "hurting your relationship with T because of the no-sex thing," I would think that if you explained the situation to T, she would understand and support your position. Sure relationships need to grow, but that doesn't always mean sex, we all have platonic relationships that do just fine without sex.
She does. And you're right. It would just evolve. She's not even very comfortable with it since she knows my wife is uncomfortable.

I have not personally had any online romances, much less one that transitioned into an long-distance relationship. So I can't provide you with much advice about that. I think LDR's tend to be challenging, and need lots of communication while you're apart.
Luckily, we text for hours a day and then cam a few hours a week. We do a lot of communication.

Thanks for the feedback. It's been really fun and interesting getting validation for my outlook.
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