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Default Have your children vaccinated

because the truth is, if you were not vaccinated, and you are sexually active without using a condom at all times with every partner, you have likely been exposed to HPV. The shitty thing is, that most males will never know they they have it, as it typically only wreaks havoc on females, mostly in the form of cervical cancer.

And yes it was a rude awakening to find out that women who I trusted to tell me if they had other sexual partners besides me, didn't tell me. I felt stupid for being so naive, if you have children get them vaccinated. There are something like 40 different viruses that are all within the human papillomavirus "family" that can cause mouth, throat, and genital warts and in women cervical cancer. It is the main reason for pap-smears (which by now have all switched to liquid based, but I would ask just to make sure when your Ob-gyn is collecting the specimen for your routine screening, just say; Is this a liquid based pap, I was told it is far more accurate methodology for cytologist to examine)

and yes it is extremely prevalent, but there is not a lot you can do about it, and having the anti-bodies in your blood, just means you've been exposed to it, which may very well be above 60% of the people in some demographics. But doctors do not usually test for HPV anti-bodies because 1)it doesn't mean you have an outbreak 2) it is so prevalent 3)there are now vaccines for HPV

Jaynecobb, you are absolutely crazy to treat your wife as contaminated if tests come back positive for HPV or HSV.

Blood tests, which show evidence your immune system has detected either HPV, HSV I or HSV II, does NOT mean an outbreak. You should really only be having unprotected sex with people you know and know well enough to trust to be honest with you, ie fluid bonded.
Your immune system handles HPV much better than it does HSV, and HSV type I is essentially a cold sore that could have been spread from mouth or lips. HSV type II is considered a sexually transmitted disease as it is only known to infect mucous membrane areas of the genitals.

Both types of HSV are only transmittable during an outbreak, and anyone that tells you they are not aware of when they are having an outbreak is probably lying. They are painful and it is very apparent during an outbreak.

For this reason, it is easy for one partner to have HSV and engage in unprotected sex without the disease being transmitted to their partner. But you must NOT have sex during an outbreak

the reason why anal sex is such a risk is because some people think because a women can't get pregnant, anal sex is safe. Because the colon is torn much more easily it may very well be the best way to spread a sexually transmitted disease, plus your large intestine as an organ, it's function is to absorb nutrients so it is not an ideal place to put another persons bodily fluids that may be carrying a disease, at least your stomach has acids that will kill, your colon does not

it's not smart to engage in irresponsible sex, and it isn't love if you are not 100% full disclosure honest with your partners. If you love them, you will have the integrity to be honest, not being honest is effectively putting the kybash on their ability to protect themselves. It is unethical to not fully disclose your habits to anyone you engage in sex with, unprotected sex with someone you don't know is just plain foolish, and if you are in a relationship it is careless, if you fail to disclose it to your partners it is despicable from my point of view. Not to be a downer on anyone's good time

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