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If I come here and start "I need help with this" threads, I pretty much need to be told "this is going to end badly."

I generally ask for advice in one of two circumstances:

1: I can't figure out the problem and I might be overlooking something;
2: I have figured out the problem, I don't like the answer I arrived at, and I'm really hoping just this once it's a case of #1.

I am very good at figuring things out. #1 does happen sometimes, but not as often as I'd like. Usually, when #1 does happen and I stop overlooking whatever it was I was overlooking, it becomes #2. Generally, if a problem isn't impossible or at least extremely difficult to solve in a way that I like, I would have solved it already.

If I was smart I would write off dating as something I'm really bad at and give up. However, I figured out pretty early in life that I learn more by being stupid. So, I'm determined to keep trying until I get it right, and then keep trying until I get it right some more.
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