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But planning so deeply and far in the future tends to lead to getting your hopes up. And when a person gets their hopes up they tend to fall. HARD.
This is something I cannot stress enough. You are planning too far in the future given the data you have shared. Obviously, I'm not a soothsayer, guru or psychic and I don't ow the whole story but what you have told us doesn't look too good in the adding up quadrant.

The Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell agreements and the general aversion the other two women have towards polyamory is of concern to me ... and yes, I think he should have volunteered the information sooner,..
In full agreement, but kudos for being understanding given your attraction.

Why are you planning to start dating someone you've never even met? Just because he loves her and he loves you doesn't mean you and she will have anything in common as partners. Why push it? If you and she click, then great. But meeting her with all that expectation on all three of you is a heavy burden. Just go with the flow.
Agreed, it is possible that you couldn't be more dissimilar with these women. And if this is true that what will happen if they do not like you? Are you prepared to think about that?
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