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This makes me want to ask you a question. In all of your time here, how often have you read about a situation that you have never heard of before, one that makes you think "Holy cow, *this* is something different! No idea what might happen here."?

I have searched the archives until my eyeballs are dry and dusty, and still can't find anything that is even close to my own situation, so even after all the time I've been lurking, I still don't have the answers I came looking for. Sadly for me, I can't explain either, since these details are about my girlfriend's personal life, and I don't have her permission, and she doesn't post here.

I did talk briefly with one person here I felt safe with, and I got the impression he had never encountered anything exactly like it either. So even with all the experiences this board has to offer, I'm still in the dark.

What advice might you offer someone in my position? Do I just need to man up and ask girlfriend directly if this forum is anonymous enough for her to feel safe with basic facts being revealed?

I'm sorry if this derailed your intent for this thread, but it caught my eye.

Thanks. :-)
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