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i have just found out that a few days ago my girlfriend told my boyfriend that she didnt want him having relations alone with me, yet she does in fact have relations with him alone, she doesnt with me because i know shes not comfortable, she doesnt ever want to have relations with us both becuase i know thats not what she wants. so i finally came to the decision today that this isnt going to work out for me, i can not be with someone that selfish, she will never change even if she says she has it will always be a problem, unfortunately this means i have also lost the initial love of my life my boyfriend. but i guess thats the price i pay and maybe its what i need, no more drama no more jealousy, no more feeling neglected because she feels her needs arent being met. thank you guys all for your love and support, although i like this site i might not return again due to thinkin that a trinogamous relationship might not work out for me again in the future, even though the thought of it would be pleasant.
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