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Default Doom!

This is a personal rant. I read folks posting about their situations. And frequently, I think to myself, 'Oh, this is going to end badly for all involved.'

My feelings of doom are not always accurate. Some folks do figure stuff out. We don't get the other sides of the story and people often don't update. But, yeah, my initial impression is often correct and it all ends in tears.

I generally don't post on such threads. Other folks here have much more ability to be helpful than I do - I really admire those folks.

I could tell them that they are in midst of NRE, to get a grip and slow down. I could tell them to look at similar situations on the forum for lessons. I used to do that kind of post more. But often I have nothing to contribute beyond a general sense of impending doom on their part. And that is just not useful to them or me. So I refrain from posting.

But it is frustrating. I would prefer to tell people about that oncoming train toward which they are running headlong. I would like people to be able to hear the warning whistles.

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