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So, since he's my beloved and all, we kind of agree on a lot of this stuff, and I won't rehash it.

Originally Posted by CielDuMatin View Post
If things get rocky between any pair in the relationship, there is nearly always some sort of impact on the third - it's hard to avoid, really.
I wanted to second this, though.

I feel much more secure when we are all doing okay with each other. Of course there'll be interesting times in the Chinese proverb sense. That's how people work. Thing is, what we have takes a lot of faith from all three of us: darling man, monogamous genius lady, and self. If one of us loses faith in another, the relationship as a whole suffers for it.

I also adore the heck out of my dears and think they're wonderful together, so affection alone motivates me to root for their relationship.
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