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My plan is to walk softly. I won't pursue any contact that is not requested. He hasn't told them about me yet. I am going to have a conversation about all of the stuff in my head soon with him. I know one will accept me. The other one hates the whole poly lifestyle so I am not going to be hoping for too much success with her.
The LDR will be temporarily. He moves east again in less then 18 months and at that time I can move to be with him. I am hoping to be friends with his first by then and have her join us. It's all so up in the air and I am such a freakin' planner! I think of all scenarios and plot out a course of resolution. I find this prepares me for almost all eventualities!
For now I am playing it by ear, taking things slow and enjoying my time with him. Hopefully when I broach the topic of him telling his first about me, he will be receptive. <Cross fingers> I don't want to ruin anyone's relationship, only share and enhance for all involved. I really want this to work.
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