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Wife and I had what will likely be the first of many conversations. She feels (rightly) that I want to break a deal that we had, and that betrayal is part of the pain.

She identified with one of the asexual threads on here. While her drive is on the low end, though, she does derive pleasure from sex. She enjoys erotic literature (sex fantasies, not just romance novels), she's adventurous, but by the same token she'd be quite content to have sex once a month.

I did make the offer to break it off with T, but that was rejected without any consideration. A little laugh about how that would feel good right now, but it's really not the true issue, and wife wouldn't want me to be sad from losing someone that important to me.

I feel a lot better about the situation. I'm really lucky to have both of them. Both of them fit perfectly into my life.

edit: I thought of some other questions. I'm sure going from an online relationship to a local one is night and day. Has anyone had the experience of going from an online relationship to a long distance one? Even in a perfect scenario, I doubt T and would be able to get together more than twice a year. I would assume that transition would be relatively minor, but things are often as simple as we want them to be.

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