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There are giant billboards along virtually every street in the country. It's virtually impossible to escape these monolithic images. I dislike them, they very clearly have an impact on the public, and they're often on public property. Yet no one really seems to want to decry them as being blights.
I would much rather have the monolithic ugliness of an add then what we have here. Imagine your driving along contentedly and then all of a sudden God Is yelling at you that you have sinned to believe abortion is in!

Country roads here are littered with distasteful "God is watching" propaganda.

On the note of taggin, I love them. I can tell the amatures, the pros, the unsung greats, the over commercialized mundanes and even those profane and sometimes outrageously unclean tags are an expression of their individuality (al be it schathy and I attractive. What and where they tag is a statement of their overall being.

In Scotland there is a small castle, Kelburn Castle in Glasgow. The artist, Tristan Manco was approached by the Earl who own sthe castle to commission it to be painted and then he had made it a permanent tourist attraction and historical site. Due to the double standard way of thinking it has no been washed and unfortunately that neighbourhood is awash with grey once again.

If anyone is interested, here's a pic.
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