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I feel like I should elaborate on *hug* - from the post you made before you met, it seemed to THIS internet stranger at least, that it was going to that important relationship place with the L word showing up, before you even met. I know that's a big deal, and I am hoping that it works out well, whatever road it takes.

I also want to say that you have me thinking hard (omg I'm a 12 yo boy? I can't not think thats a hilarious pun....) about bdsm and what I want from my relationships. 3 partners all pretty vanilla - I appreciate you talking about what you want and what you are/aren't getting are/aren't seeking, it helps me think about what really is or isn't important in my life and how I want to conduct the relationships I have, and what I want to actively seek if I can't find what I want in the places I'm already at. I really have my fingers crossed that your next date(s) with him just keep getting better.
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