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Originally Posted by Helo View Post
And in the case of property that is in the public domain, why is there a need to remove it? The public placed the art there, why does it need to be removed?
What kind of property is in the public domain? Most property belongs to either a private person or a government entity. Even a public park has some entity in charge of its care and upkeep. Someone pays for mowing grass and repairing sidewalks, usually the taxpayers, through the municipality, but sometimes a cooperative organization. There are budgets and funding to make the public property accessible and safe for everyone, and rules that get made for maintaining such upkeep. It isn't free or cheap to maintain property, so why do vandals think they are entitled to leave their spraypaint on it?

Sure, some of it looks good but if a person is stupid enough to leave their creation on something where it is not allowed to be, then they take a chance that it will be destroyed. There was a huge tower erected in a community garden in the East Village, made out of bits and pieces of junk, and it was torn down because it was considered unsafe. People were upset because they said it was art, but the creator of it didn't want to find a private location and pay to move it somewhere else, so away it goes. I had a wonderful art teacher once who said, "Never treat your art as too precious." Sometimes it has a short lifespan. So what? The world keeps spinning. Ask permission to do it first, and then put your graffiti up in an honest way, but there is a reason that graffiti artists scurry away like thieves trying not to get caught.
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