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Originally Posted by Helo View Post
There are giant billboards along virtually every street in the country. It's virtually impossible to escape these monolithic images. I dislike them, they very clearly have an impact on the public, and they're often on public property. Yet no one really seems to want to decry them as being blights.
You either haven't been paying attention, or are too young to realize that there have been many protests against billboards through the years, in lots of places. Plenty of towns and counties all over the country have ordinances that do not allow advertising billboards (and/or neon signs). There was a huge outcry against American Apparel's billboard on Houston Street in NYC a few years ago - it was vulgar, sexist, and gigantic, and people protested it quite loudly. I think someone even vandalized it! Sometimes billboards are taken down if enough people complain.

Of course, in many locations and situations, billboards can be a blight. Just because they are commissioned and paid for, common sense will tell you that it doesn't mean everyone's happy about them all the time. Do a little research in online news archives for some history. Billboards can be provocative, crass, and/or block people's views of the scenery beyond. Of course not everyone likes them. But many billboard advertisements have made a positive impression and become part of popular culture. They are also used for public service announcements, not just ads.

Graffiti is just vandalism of someone's private property or government property -- and even if it looks good, it's still vandalism, unlawful, and costs the property owners or municipalities lots of money to remove it, just to satisfy the graffiti "artist's" own arrogant need to get away with something they know they shouldn't be doing. Those people are no better than then fare jumpers. They act so entitled and oppressed, but they are taking liberties with things that don't belong to them.

Originally Posted by Helo View Post
Why is it acceptable to have a giant advertisement on a public street but not street art?
Graffiti and street art aren't always the same thing. But street art is acceptable if it isn't going against the law to be there.
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