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As far as I was concerned, if we were just swingers, my understanding was that it was just about the sex and feelings shouldnít be involved. Especially love.

Minnie was perfect at downplaying any feelings she may have had for me. She had been divorced for about 3 years and said she wasnít looking for a relationship and knowing that I was married to Ann meant that she could never love me. This was the perfect thing to say and exactly what I wanted to hear. However, Ann could see right through this and kept bugging me about my feelings for Minnie which I totally downplayed. I really thought I was telling the truth.

One day, late last October, Ann returned home, after spending the day with Minnie, in a very sexually charged mood. She was coming on to Minnie all day but Minnie was acting oblivious to this so Ann said this is the night she was ready to meet someone else. There had been a few guys we had checked out online and she finally decided to contact one. Jeff was that lucky guy and they made plans for coffee later that very same night.

Hours later she returned home and was all smiles. There was a total connection and they made plans to meet each other the very next weekend. I hadnít met Jeff yet but Annís description of him sounded great. Jeff and his wife Christie had been swinging for about 3 years but found too much drama with other couples so they decided to try seeing people separately. This sounded good to me and as experienced swingers I thought they would have the wherewithal to keep feelings out of it. After all, this was just about sex, right?

I guess I had a lot to learn.
Me: Late 30's male. Ann: My wife. Minnie: My girlfriend and Ann's best friend. Jeff: Ann's boyfriend. Shawn: Minnie's other boyfriend. Christie: Jeff's wife.
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