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Originally Posted by lovefromgirl View Post
Oh, lovely. </sarcasm>

I don't understand this need people have to just toss away something that's otherwise perfectly functional and lovely! I suppose since we've been doing it to our material possessions for years, it follows that now we're inclined to apply the same to our relationship.
I think what hurt the most was that this is a friend I had known since grade school, she was as close to me as a sister, and someone I thought I could open up to about my relationship. All I really wanted was to talk to someone, to help get through a lonely night and was basically cut off because I was honest about my relationship. Our friendship has been very strained since then.

Originally posted by StitchwitchD
She was in tears, therefore it wasn't perfect, and people seem to assume that any problems mean the entire relationship should end.

I get really annoyed when I vent about the aspects of a relationship that aren't working, and have people assume that the entire relationship is broken and should be thrown out and replaced with a new shiny.
It was so hurtful because she just didn't want to hear anymore, not even the positive parts of my relationship which definitely outweigh the harder times. I think, in addition, her own dislike for the polyamory factored into her reaction; she focused on the fact that he's married, not that a friend needed someone to talk to. It felt as if she thought I was asking for her approval when all I needed was someone to listen.
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