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I still think of the elders who died recently in the extended family. Not as strong, but periodically I find myself revisiting old memories.

Spent time with my Formerly Abused Now Divorcing Friend. She gotten through her mediation and it's in the final stages of split. She looks and sounds so much better then when all the crazy began a few months back. I'm so proud of her.

The changes in her are very noticeable. She's happier, more animated, less depressed, shocked, fearful.

We talked a bit about separation abuse -- if it might come back now that things are getting more final in the process but she's better prepared emotionally.

I'm relieved for her. Also for me. I am willing to support friends in times of need but to be able to lay this burden down still comes as a big relief to both of us. It's not OVER over just yet, but like 90% over. Thank goodness.
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