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I knew within two weeks of dating him that he had someone of significance out west. He said they had an understanding about him coming here and that they had a complicated relationship. I am an empath and very connected to him, he's my first relationship since leaving my emotionally abusive ex. We are connected so much so that i actually Just figured out most of what I know including names, and he just came clean once I started letting him know what I knew.
This coming clean just happened 3 weeks past. The more open he is the easier to deal with it all.
My understanding is the first said for him to do what he wants but she didn't want to know, his second hates the poly lifestyle and only tolerates it to be with him. She did not mention anything about relationships when he left, knowing he is who he is she knew he would be with others but again didn't want to discuss.
We were only to be for fun, but from the moment we saw each other, we have been together every possible moment since.
I have never felt so connected to anyone. I am trying hard to come up with a way for me to be with him/them in an LDR. I don't want to lose him either. And the thought of the emotional support even if it is just friendship from his first who would accept me more than the second, according to his discussions of each of them. Which are to be fair, sketchy out of privacy, but I glean a lot more then he says, empath and all. The part that I am concerned about is that they have no idea he actually loves me, this isn't a fling. Both of us have no idea how we are going to cope when he moves home in May.
Thank you for clarifying the classification. I am a newbie! NB is a beautiful province.
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