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I also have to say that autonomy is not, in my opinion, the be-all-end-all goal it's being made out to be. I believe that certain social problems and societal needs outweigh the individual's so-called right to autonomy.

I personally like living in a taxed society. I like that I can get surgery without a huge hospital bill. I like that my roads are maintained, however poorly that may be at times. I like that if I lose my source of income, I won't be left out in the cold. All those things require that people give up some autonomy by paying taxes, thus removing their autonomy over the spending of every dollar they earn.

I like that I can walk in the streets with minimal worry that my head will be blown off, because the state has removed your autonomous right to kill me for looking at you funny.

I like that grown men can't autonomously choose to have sex with prepubescent girls.

Living in a society fundamentally requires giving up all kinds of autonomy. Likewise, having a harmonious relationship often requires voluntarily giving up certain kinds of autonomy that single people retain. No one forces you to get into a relationship or stay there, so even when you make an agreement that you're not entirely thrilled with, you have to admit that it's still an autonomous choice to make that agreement.
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